WORLDWIDE MANUFACTURER and DISTRIBUTOR Since 1941Magnetic Shield Corporation, a division of Perfection Mica Company, is the premier supplier of custom magnetic shielding alloys and custom-built shields.
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Evaluation Kits, Meters & Probes (LK-110)

Evaluation Kits, Meters & Probes

"Hands-On" evaluation and sampling begins here. Using our Lab Kits, Meters & Probes, shielding can be prototyped with everyday common hand-tools, or bench- top and model-shop equipment. Layers of material from a Lab Kit can be added until the unwanted field is reduced (attenuated) to the desired level. Your prototype then serves as a production model.

After prototyping, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation for a fabrication or stock material quotation.

Three Lab Kit options are available.
MuMETAL® Stress Annealed Sheet (MU014-24-120)

MuMETAL® Products

MuMETAL® is our most widely known brand. For decades, many engineers, metal suppliers and fabricators have referred to it as the industry standard. However, MuMETAL® is a registered trade name and exclusively available from Magnetic Shield Corporation. We offer several other magnetic shielding alloys used for similar but different applications, yet MuMETAL® is the most specified.

MuMETAL® alloy is available in many forms, but most shields are fabricated from our foil or sheet stock in gauges from 0.002" to 0.062" thickness [0,05mm to 1,57mm].

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Co-NETIC® Sheet and Foil

Co-NETIC® Sheet and Foil

CO-NETIC® is a proprietary alloy developed by Magnetic Shield Corporation specifically to provide effective magnetic shielding. We stock two different formulations: Co-NETIC® AA and Co-NETIC® B.

Co-NETIC® AA is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency). Available as either Stress Annealed or Perfection Annealed Sheet and as Perfection Annealed Foil, Co-NETIC® AA alloy is used for most shielding applications.

Co-NETIC® B is used in slightly stronger fields with attenuation characteristics set between high permeability Co-Netic® AA and high saturation Netic® S3-6. It is useful in certain applications where the very high attenuation of Co-Netic® AA is not required.

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NETIC® Sheet & Foil

NETIC® Sheet & Foil

NETIC® is a proprietary brand that is often applied in fields of high intensity (strong fields) because of its high magnetic saturation characteristics. We stock two different types: NETIC® S3-6 and NETIC® ET.

NETIC® S3-6 is an uncoated, high iron shielding alloy, and is prone to oxidation. Typically this alloy is painted or plated after shield fabrication. NETIC® ET is electro-tin plated and can be used as is. Both products are available as Sheet or Foil, and contain the same chemical composition and shielding efficiency.

For ultimate performance, NETIC® is commonly used in combination (in layers) with Co-NETIC® or MuMETAL®. If used in combination, the NETIC® layer is placed closest to the source of interference, with Co-NETIC® or MuMETAL® layer closest to the component being shielded. Used for either fabricated or flat shields, it may be re-annealed for better performance.

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Magnetic Shielding for Wiring Applications

Magnetic Shielding for Wiring Applications

We offer several magnetic shielding products used in electrical/electronic wiring applications such as: power feeds, aerospace, vehicle controls, test and measurement devices, audio-level interconnections, communication equipment, and hand-held devices.

Shielding: To provide effective magnetic shielding for cable and conductors such as twisted pair, use either our AA CABLE SHIELD® or SPIRA-SHIELD Flexible Conduit to avoid pickup of external fields or radiation of interfering, unwanted fields.

Cable: Our INTER-8® Weave Cable replaces and provides substantial improvement over conventional twisted-pair cables. INTER-8® Weave Cable consists of four separate conductors braided into interlocking loops and is a field-proven design of Magnetic Shield Corporation.

Wire: We also offer our Co-NETIC® AA Wire, which is used in fabrication of magnetic shielding braided sleeving to certain customer specifications where our stock
AA CABLE SHIELD® may not be specified.
Deep Drawn MuMETAL® Cans

MuMETAL® Shielding Cans


We offer a wide range of 5-sided magnetic shielding MuMETAL® Cans stamped or formed in either ROUND or RECTANGULAR shapes, and deep-drawn up to a 3:1 depth ratio when necessary.  Our standard stock range and custom sizes are available in thicknesses from 0.014’’ to 0.062’’ [0,36mm to 1,57mm thick] and made from various MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®  or NETIC®  shielding alloys depending on your exact shielding requirements. Typically, our high permeability (µ) 80% nickel-iron MuMETAL® cans are shipped as is since our AA Perfection Annealing method provides a bright nickel appearance after anneal.  We do offer other finishes including plating, electro-polish, powder coating and ...

MuMETAL® Toroidal Cores

MuMETAL® Toroidal Cores

Magnetic Shield Corporation supplies tape-wound MuMETAL® Toroidal Cores to industries requiring High Metering Accuracy (HMA) current transformer cores. By using our proprietary brand of MuMETAL® and properly heat treating in a controlled hydrogen atmosphere furnace, (to a soft magnetic anneal) we maintain close control of the magnetic properties over a broad range of flux densities which permits the most economical and efficient design of your transformer.

We offer a range of wound cores from minimum 1” [25mm] inside diameter to maximum 47.25” [1200mm] outside diameter, using MuMETAL® foil thicknesses ranging between 0.004” [0,1mm] and 0.014” [0,36mm]. Core height is available from ...

MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers

MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers

One of our most popular research products, fabricated from MuMETAL® alloy is the Magnetic Shield Corporation Zero Gauss Chamber. These scientifically engineered chambers provide a laboratory work space of extremely low magnetic field.

MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers have been used worldwide by many universities, private research companies, national laboratories and companies required to provide evidence of military or consumer regulatory compliance. Our chambers are preferred because they are made from high permeability (µ) Stress Annealed MuMETAL®, which provides a consistent, low field test area.

Our standard Zero Gauss Chambers consist of 3-layers and are designed to attenuate external low frequency A.C. ...

Custom MuRoom


We design and build both modular “MuRooms®” and Custom MuRooms® based upon each customer’s unique application or requirements to create a low field environment.  One of our specialty high permeability and high attenuation alloy materials may be specified and employed for construction; either MuMETAL® Sheet with Perfection Annealing applied or our stock Co-NETIC® AA Perfection Annealed Sheet.

After taking measurements of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation generated by external sources and establishing the main source(s) of unwanted electromagnetic fields in the designated space, we will provide an efficient solution to mitigate the electro-magnetic interference that is occurring. ...

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