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Magnetic Shielding for Wiring Applications

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INTER-8® Weave Cable

INTER-8® Weave Cable

Current-carrying conductors can be the cause, or be affected by, electromagnetic interference. Twisted pair cable has been widely used and is superior to parallel conductors, but is of limited effectiveness in reducing electromagnetic radiation. INTER-8® weave cable provides substantial improvement over the performance of a conventional twisted pair. INTER-8® weave cable consists of four separate conductors braided into interlocking loops and is a field-proven design of Magnetic Shield Corporation.

Four Types of Cable
The basic INTER-8® weave cable is unshielded. It is available with PVC insulation, or ETFE high temperature insulation. For additional ...
Co-NETIC® Braided Sleeving


Tubular and continuous lengths of AA CABLE SHIELD® are made from 36AWG Co-NETIC® AA high permeability wire. Four stock diameters are available.
AA CABLE SHIELD® provides a flexible, continuously enclosed shielding barrier with distinct advantages over foil wrapping or rigid channeling, and is used to avoid pickup of unwanted external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz), or to mitigate radiation from cable and conductors. Braid is tightly weaved, so shield coverage is 85%  - 90% at nominal linear state.

Co-NETIC® AA CABLE SHIELD® complies with A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575). Wire meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.

Price per linear foot. Cut to length as needed. Volume discounts ...

SPIRA-SHIELD Flexible Conduit

Flexible Conduit that provides high permeability magnetic shielding for sensitive cables and conductors. Inter-lock construction, made with our most popular 0.010" thick Co-NETIC®AA Perfection Annealed Foil, provides maximum attenuation, greater than AA CABLE SHIELD®. Construction is consistent with commercially available flex-conduit and is corrosion resistant to furnish physical protection. Five stock diameters are available.

SPIRA-SHIELD Flexible Conduit meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.

Price per linear foot. Cut to length as needed. Volume discounts available.
Special Orders: Other diameters available by ...
Co-NETIC® AA Wire (WC-025)


Co-NETIC® AA wire is widely used in fabrication of magnetic shielding braid to certain customer specifications where our stock AA CABLE SHIELD® may not be specified. Four stock diameters are available.

Wire meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.

Co-NETIC® AA wire is corrosion resistant and has an affinity for solder.

SOLD BY THE SPOOL. Each spool ...

 Get Wiring Samples with any Lab Kit Purchase 

Receive Extra Wiring Samples: Co-NETIC® Wire 0.025 in Dia; INTER-8® Cable PVC & ETFE Insulated, Co-NETIC® Shielded; 3/4 in ID SPIRA-SHIELD Conduit; 1/4 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD®; 1/2 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD® (already included)

Evaluation Kits, Meters & Probes (LK-110)
Evaluation Lab Kits, Meters & Probes

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