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Item # 4180, ELF Gaussmeter

List Price $399.95

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Get Wiring Samples with any Lab Kit Purchase

Lightweight and completely self contained, the easy to use Model 4180 ELF Meter is ideal for commercial or laboratory use. The Model 4180 accurately measures Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields generated by electrical equipment. Applications include detecting magnetic field emissions from a wide variety of sources, including video display terminals, AC power lines, office equipment, household appliances, and all types of electronic equipment.

Key features include Min./Max./Peak Hold, Auto Range, and user may select Gauss or Tesla Readings.

The 4180 Series Hand-Held Gaussmeter's built-in software eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures.


LK-5 Lab Kit
(PDF, 1139KB)

EP-5 Magnetic Field Evaluator Probes
(PDF, 386KB)

F-W-Bell-4100 Gaussmeters
(PDF, 2579KB)

 Get Wiring Samples with any Lab Kit Purchase 

Receive Extra Wiring Samples: Co-NETIC® Wire 0.025 in Dia; INTER-8® Cable PVC & ETFE Insulated, Co-NETIC® Shielded; 3/4 in ID SPIRA-SHIELD Conduit; 1/4 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD®; 1/2 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD® (already included)

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Evaluation Lab Kits, Meters & Probes