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Item # EF-401, Single-axis AC Magnetic Field Meter

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Get Wiring Samples with any Lab Kit Purchase

A cost effective, handheld, single-axis AC magnetic field meter that provides quick & reliable measurements of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation generated by external sources like power lines, electrical wiring, motors, audio/visual equipment and other devices.

Note: No probe is required- just position this Gaussmeter in the affected area.

May be purchased separately, or as part of our Internet Special LK-110-IS, saving you 10%


LK-5 Lab Kit
(PDF, 1139KB)

EP-5 Magnetic Field Evaluator Probes
(PDF, 386KB)

 Get Wiring Samples with any Lab Kit Purchase 

Receive Extra Wiring Samples: Co-NETIC® Wire 0.025 in Dia; INTER-8® Cable PVC & ETFE Insulated, Co-NETIC® Shielded; 3/4 in ID SPIRA-SHIELD Conduit; 1/4 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD®; 1/2 in ID AA CABLE SHIELD® (already included)

Evaluation Kits, Meters & Probes (LK-110)
Evaluation Lab Kits, Meters & Probes