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Magnetic Shield Corporation supplies tape-wound MuMETAL® Toroidal Cores to industries requiring high accuracy current measurement cores. Our MuMETAL® brand conforms to ASTM A753 Alloy 4 specification and provides the highest levels of permeability with exceptionally low coercive forces and magnetic losses.  Our high permeability (µ) 80% nickel-iron MuMETAL® alloy is widely used in the manufacture of High Metering Accuracy (HMA) current transformer cores, which are used for accurate power measurement in 3-phase power distribution systems, railway networks and large pieces of energy consuming industrial equipment.  By using our proprietary brand of MuMETAL® and properly heat treating in a controlled hydrogen atmosphere furnace, (to a soft magnetic anneal) we maintain close control of the magnetic properties over a broad range of flux densities which permits the most economical and efficient design of your transformer.

We offer a range of wound cores from minimum 1” [25mm] inside diameter to maximum 47.25” [1200mm] outside diameter, using MuMETAL® foil thicknesses ranging between 0.004” [0,1mm] and 0.014” [0,36mm].  Height is available from .200” to 2” [5-50mm].  Cores can be supplied cased or fixed depending on customer requirements.

Our extensive stock range and volume of MuMETAL®, core winding and heat treatment processes allow for fast deliveries of sample quantities or production volumes.

Note - Specs:  Ask our engineering department for exacting specifications of our high permeability (µ) 80% nickel-iron MuMETAL® Cores.  Our technical expertise and drawing review input can help expedite your design process.  Contact us now.


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MuMETAL® Core Data Sheet
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Mu-2 MuMETAL® Brochure
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