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Evaluation Lab Kits, Meters & Probes

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"Hands-On" evaluation and sampling begins here. Using our Lab Kits, Meters & Probes, shielding can be prototyped with everyday common hand-tools, or bench- top and model-shop equipment. Layers of material from a Lab Kit can be added until the unwanted field is reduced (attenuated) to the desired level. Your prototype then serves as a production model. After prototyping, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation for a fabrication or stock material quotation.

Our Lab Kits include a variety of MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, and NETIC® alloy samples for testing and evaluation along with a Technical Guide. Three Lab Kit options are available. Meters and magnetic pick-up probes can be purchased.

NOTE:  A discount can be applied for purchasing quantity lab kit orders - just ask our Technical Sales Team, or let us know in the comments section of your request.

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LK-5 Lab Kit
(PDF, 1956KB)

EP-5 Magnetic Field Evaluator Probes
(PDF, 386KB)

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SC-1 Quick Reference Tool: Slide Ruler Calculator $7.95
EP-101A Field Evaluator Axial Probe With 2-prong Banana Plug $74.95
EP-102A Field Evaluator Axial Probe Includes BNC Connector $89.95
EP-102T Field Evaluator Transverse Probe Includes BNC Connector $89.95
EF-401 Single-axis AC Magnetic Field Meter $132.95
LK-110 Basic Lab Kit With Technical Resources $143.95
LK-120 Basic Lab Kit With EP-101A Magnetic Pickup Probe $214.95
LK-110-IS Basic Lab Kit plus 1-Axis AC Magnetic Field Meter (Save 10%) $249.00
4180 ELF Gaussmeter $399.95
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1