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Co-NETIC® B Sheet

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Co-NETIC® B is an alloy that has a slightly different formulation than our Co-NETIC® AA with attenuation characteristics set between Co-NETIC® AA and NETIC® S3-6. It is useful in certain applications where the very high attenuation of Co-NETIC® AA is not required.

Co-NETIC® B is useful when medium permeability is needed. Co-NETIC® AA is used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency), and NETIC® is often applied in fields of high intensity (strong fields) because of its high magnetic saturation characteristics.

Available in stock gauges of 0.25" [0,64mm]. Other gauges available by request.

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LK-5 Lab Kit
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CBS025-9-15 0.025 in 9.00 in 15 in
CBS025-9-30 0.025 in 9.00 in 30 in
CBS025-9-60 0.025 in 9.00 in 60 in
CBS025-9-120 0.025 in 9.00 in 120 in
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