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NETIC® S3-6 Foil

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NETIC® S3-6 Foil is often applied in fields of high intensity (strong fields) because of its high magnetic saturation characteristics. NETIC® is commonly used in combination (in layers) with Co-NETIC® or MuMETAL®. If used in combination, the NETIC® layer is placed closest to the source of interference, with Co-NETIC® or MuMETAL® layer closest to the component being shielded.

Foil Types:
NETIC® S3-6 is Uncoated
NETIC® S3-6 with Pressure Sensitive Tape (PST)
NETIC® S3-6 Electro-Tin Plated

Foils can be slit to a minimum width of 1/4" [6,35mm]. Foil width tolerance is ± 0.010" [0,25mm].

Note: Priced per linear foot. Volume discounts available.

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NF004-4 Uncoated 0.004 in 4.00 in 12.00
NF004-15 Uncoated 0.004 in 15.00 in 12.00
NFT004-4 With PST (Tape) 0.004 in 4.00 in 12.00
NFT004-15 With PST (Tape) 0.004 in 15.00 in 12.00
NET010-4 Electro-Tin Plated 0.010 in 4.00 in 12.00
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 

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